Saturday, 10 September 2011

La Siesta Tapas-London (UK)

Probably the best and most typical Spanish Tapas bar in London, La Siesta Tapas is allocated close to the Broadway in Ealing.
I have been a couple of times before to Spanish restaurants were the food is average but the price is high. This one unites quality and reasonable price.
We will not talk about my concept of tapas, as the people from the North of Spain are used to smaller plates around 1-1.50€, while the people from the rest of Spain pay around 3.50-4€ for a slightly bigger amount of food. That is also what you are expecting from a tapa outside Spain


We were a group of 10 and ordered food from the 13£ menu. We though the 9£ one is too little if you are hungry. But actually, when we saw the amount of food in each plate, we thought it was good compared with other places. Also, some people ordered apart from the menu ie: paella and us the Padrón peppers. If you have never tried them, you should. They come from my region, Galicia and we say: uns pican e outros non. Translating: Some of them are spicy and the rest are not. The trick? You never know what you are getting until the pepper is in your mouth. They are delicious, believe me :)

Padrón peppers
The jamón serrano and the manchego cheese were really tasty, also the prawns, the meatballs and the fish. The squid was really good, but the tortilla was a bit disappointing: dry and with a brown onion that made it look like it was surprise omelette, but it wasn´t. 

Waiters could be a bit more friendly instead of so serious. It wasn´t a busy night and they look to be in a rush all the time! Although the food arrive soon, there is no reason not to smile.

Overall, a good place to eat!

Category: Spanish/tapas
Waiters: 6
Toilets: 6
Decoration: 7
Price: 8.5
Location: 6
Variety on the menu: 9
Evaluation of the food: 8
Disalbed adapted: no
Went on: September 2011
Overal: 7.5

La Siesta Bar De Tapas
11 Bond Street,
Ealing, London,
W5 5AP London

Phone: 0208 810 0505

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