Saturday, 10 December 2011

Eva Air and Hello Kitty

I am not joking. Eva Air has teamed with Hello Kitty to create its second generation of Hello Kitty planes.

All started in 2005 when they decided to get the first two planes of the doll. And in 2011 they finished the last one, being a total of 5 in the fleet.

This is the real plane, no joking
If you want to live the experience of flying in a fully Hello Kitty decorated plane: trays, stewardess, napkins, boarding pass... I think you got the idea, the only way to enjoy it is going to east Asia. At present, none of the aircrafts are flying internationally. 

boarding pass

But I am sure for the really Hello Kitty fans, it is worth it.

Their website is only giving more information in chinese, but you can admire this marvellous pinky thing, they even have music! You can see all the routes in this map. Taipei-Seoul, Taipei-Tokyo, Taipei-Fukuoka, Taipei-Sapporo y Taipei-Hong Kong are all the available.

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