Friday, 2 December 2011

Richard Branson called the passenger

Richard Branson felt so amused by the letter one passenger sent, that contacted him personally:

I caught up with Richard Branson, and here is what he had to say about that letter:
"I rang him (the author of the letter) when I read it. It is one of the most amusing letters I had ever seen. I rang him at home at 9pm one evening.
"We had a good laugh about it. Then I contacted Virgin Atlantic and asked them to look into it. The Indians love the food, but the presentation has something to be desired. I'm sure they will be working to make the presentation better.
It [the complaint letter] was done in a humourous way."
Branson then went on to say that he regularly contacts customers who have complained. But some think it is a friend of theirs pretending to be Branson.
"I have had people put the phone down"

Probably because the passenger knew that Mr. Branson will get involved, he wrote the letter the way he did.

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