Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cancelled flights Alitalia 27 Jan 2012

This is the list of the Alitalia´s flights affected on tomorrow´s strike:

az1395 fco-goa
az1392 goa-fco
az2092 fco-lin
az2109 lin-fco
az2046 fco-lin
az2099 lin-fco
az1769 fco-pmo
az1798 pmo-fco
az2069 lin-fco
az2090 fco-lin
az2034 fco-lin
az2049 lin-fco
az1365 fco-trs
az1364 trs-fco
az2061 lin-fco
az2056 fco-lin
az2037 lin-fco
az2068 fco-lin
az1492 fco-vrn
az1423 fco-trn
az1430 trn-fco
az1152 suf-blq
az1153 blq-suf
az1314 blq-fco
az1311 fco-blq

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