Thursday, 2 February 2012

What´s going on with Málev?

Today we were told that they are closing down, but officially it´s not over. We hope, for the sake of their country and employees that everything is alright.

This is the official announcement that my Hungarian friend has gave to me:

Dear Travelers, Friends!

Today, the competent court order brought the Malév Hungarian Airlines Ltd. due to exceptional, extraordinary, in addition to imposing a moratorium administrator has assigned to your company. The Government's priority of a previous regulation of an enterprise organization by strategically Malév Ltd.-t. The trend of the special procedure to be laid down by law for the protection of the special rules in Malév Hungarian Airlines.

Légitársaságunk szaktudásukkal, ismereteikkel in staff support the work of the special administrator.

The Government, the Organization of the strategic priority Enterprise Malév Hungarian Airlines qualify for additional steps have been taken to ensure that passengers are safe in all circumstances. The main purpose of the measures to the Malév Hungarian Airlines to occupants, where appropriate, readily available to provide a safety net.

I can assure You that all of the employees in the management of Malév Hungarian Airlines and will do everything so that seats in the usual high standard of service, secure and properly distribute the destinations.

Budapest, 2012. on February 2.

Best regards, Roland Limburger CEO (Translated by Bing)

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