Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Singapore maps

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hong Kong´s tube map

Here is Hong Kong's tube map.

And if you prefer download it in your phone, they have got apps in English and chinese for iPad, iPhone y Android.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kingfisher's future doesn't look bright

Kingfisher's future is not looking good. They have realised an statement where they confirm they have been taken out the BSP. That is usually the first step has been taking to some airlines that finally went on bankrupt:

Statement from KFA - 7th March 2012
Mumbai;  March 7, 2012----Due to the accounts getting attached  by the tax authorities,  we were not able to make a payment to ICH (IATA Clearing House) which resulted in a temporary suspension. We are working with the tax authorities  and expect the accounts to be un-attached shortly.  As soon as this is done, we will pay our dues to IATA and get reinstated.

Meanwhile, Kingfisher Airlines continues to operate 200 flights to 46 domestic and international destinations.  The ICH  suspension does not impact our guests travelling on any Kingfisher Airlines flight or our flight schedules. Our guests can continue to book with confidence either directly with Kingfisher Airlines or through their travel agents.

Prakash Mirpuri
Vice President - Corporate Communications
Kingfisher Airlines Limited

Also, there are new news about the suppliers stopped providing fuel. This is looking really bad.