Friday, 18 May 2012

Ryanair's website is down

Ryanair's website is under maintenance this weekend. That means customers won't be able to check-in on-line for several hours. 
So now you know... just wait ;)

Ryanair customers should be aware that the carrier’s website will be down for “upgrade maintenance” this weekend.
It will not be possible to check-in online between 1600 on Friday May 18 and 1200 on Sunday May 20, and bookings and flight changes will not be allowed for 48 hours between 2200 on Friday and 2200 on Sunday.
As Ryanair charges customers who fail to check in and arrive at the airport with their boarding passes, passengers should ensure they visit the website before Friday afternoon to print out any necessary documents.
A statement on the carrier’s website said:
“Ryanair wishes to apologise to all passengers who may be affected by our website closure which is unavoidable in order to upgrade the website."

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