Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Iceland South

Iceland is one of this countries that have not changed much through the years. Only its South has so much to offer:

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Finnish Lapland

Wow! I couldn't live there, too cold for me, but it's stunning.

Welcome to Panama

Lately I am quite obsesed with Panama. This video has made go even crazier. What a stunning country!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Story of Pan Am

When flying was (more) glamorous and (more) exciting.

What's going on Wizz Air?

I was quite shocked when I read that Wizz Air is charging now for the hand luggage. The price is 10€ and people started complaining.

Looking into it, it is not as bad as it looks. Their aim is to reduce the number of items of hand luggage in each flights. It turns out to be the same as Ryanair, you can carry hand luggage, but not huge items.

If you are carrying a small piece like a big handbag or a rucksack, you can do so for free. If you are planing to travel with one of the hand luggage trolleys, you will have to pay for it. How many times have you tried to place your items in the cabin struggling because someone has taking two or three pieces of hand luggage with them?

Ugradeable with Flying Club miles

If you wish to make a booking with Virgin and you want to upgrade with your personal frequent flyer Flying Club miles, these are the qualifying classes:

– Economy: Y,B,L,R
– Premium: W,S

Please remember there are always exceptions limited availability so contact  your travel agent for further information.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Heathrow's T5 in full

How do you get from Terminal 5A to Terminal 5B and Terminal 5C?
A track transit train connects the three buildings at Terminal 5.  Customers with flights departing from Terminal 5C need to stay on the train when it stops at Terminal 5B and get off at the final stop, which is Terminal 5C.

How long does it take to travel from Terminal 5A to Terminal 5B and Terminal 5C?
Customers are advised to allow 15 minutes to travel from Terminal 5A to Terminal 5B and 20 minutes to travel from Terminal 5A to Terminal 5C.  Customers need to be at the gate 20 minutes before their flight departure time.  

Are there lounge facilities in Terminal 5C?
There are no lounge facilities in Terminal 5C.  Eligible customers can make use of the exclusive Galleries Lounges in Terminal 5A or Terminal 5B before proceeding to Terminal 5C prior to departure.  

Lounges in Heathrow's T5

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Virgin's direct destinations

As of today these are the direct destinations Virgin has.

** please check in their website for more up to date information.

Islas Airways stops operating

If you live in the Canary Islands you are aware you can fly in the community with Binter Canarias or Islas Airways. From today, the last one has stopped all their flights.

In case you were booked with them, you can get a refund (sorry all the info is in Spanish):

Por la presente se les informa que a partir del 16  de octubre de 2012, Islas 
Airways suspende temporalmente sus operaciones aéreas de tráfico regular y, 
por consiguiente, dadas estas excepcionales circunstancias, todos nuestros 
vuelos a partir de hoy quedan cancelados.  
A tal efecto, se detalla a continuación la siguiente información de su interés:  
- Reembolsos:  
o Si su billete fue adquirido en una Agencia de Viajes, deberá 
contactar con la agencia para que ésta tramite el reembolso 
directamente con la aerolínea.  
o Si su billete fue adquirido en una oficina de ventas de aeropuerto, 
Call Center (vía telefónica) o a través de la página Web, deberá enviar su solicitud a la dirección de 
correo, detallando los siguientes 
Número de Billete o Localizador. 
Nombre completo del pasajero. 
o Los reembolsos se realizarán en los próximos días y por riguroso 
orden de recepción.  
- Reclamaciones:  
o Podrán presentar sus reclamaciones a través de la dirección de 
correo o directamente por correo 
ordinario a la siguiente dirección:  
Islas Airways, S. A. 
Avda. Punta de Anaga, 36 
Edif. Trayesa. Cuevas Blancas 
38.111 Santa Cruz de Tenerife  
En cualquier caso, tendrán a su disposición las Hojas de 
Reclamación en las oficinas de ventas de los aeropuertos.  
Igualmente, ISLAS AIRWAYS, S. A., pone a su disposición un teléfono de 
atención (902 477 478) en el que poder resolver cualquier duda que puedan 
tener al respecto