Sunday, 16 December 2012

Top of The Rock- New York (USA)

Up there is Top of the Rock!
There are many places in New York from where you can see the skyscrapers from above. You can have a cocktail in one of the hundreds of roof bars in the coolest buildings, see them from your hotel or from one of the classic and massive steel giants. Top of the Rock at the  Rockefeller Center is one of them. Someone told me this, and not the Empire State, is the best place to see the city from the heights. But in my quick 48 hours visit there was no time for everything, so I will have to come back to be able to tell you.

Anyway, Rockefeller won't let you down. This is one of the busiest places in the city. Night and day. In fact, I could see for myself the extreme security, at the corner of the building where the Top of the Rock is, there was a policeman with the biggest gun I have ever seen. Bigger than in the movies, I mean. I tried to take a picture, but he was not keen of showing off and at the end I decided to give up as a picture is not as priceless.

As I was saying, all the area is quite busy. There are loads of people at the complex at night, enjoying the summer terraces, walking around or queueing to go to the top.

The entrance is where it says Observation Deck, 50th Street, next to Radio City Music Hall, other interesting place you might want to visit. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Boo, Buddy and Virgin

This video contains two of my favourite things: pets and planes. I love Boo and Buddy and they went to visit Virgin America.

Aren't they cute?

Departure date

The first film shot and edited in the skies. 35.000 feet and Virgin (if I am not wrong, the newest models)!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Budapest Airport is closed

What a day! If we did not have enough with all the flight cancellations due to the snow accross Europe, Budapest's airport has been shut due to an electrical problem in the control tower. Flights have been cancelled or diverted to Viena and flights are not expected to resume until tomorrow morning (10 am for the moment).
Check the website before travelling to the airport.

Volotea's destinations

Most KLM flights cancelled today

Most of KLM flights have been cancelled today.

Cancelled flights for 7 December

Most of our European flights are cancelled, please check the list of cancelled flights(PDF, 29KB) for today. 
All Intercontinental flights from Amsterdam will depart as scheduled. Please take a de-icing delay into account. If you travel to Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and Paris you will be offered to travel by groundtransportion.  

Please check the status of the flight before travelling to the airport. They give some guidelines in their website, but please be aware if you are holding a ticket for tomorrow and your flight for today was cancelled and these two flights are in two different tickets, they won´t help you with the flight for tomorrow. I just had an argument with them about this. I can´t believe it!

Snow in all Europe

Over the past few days snow is  forcing to flight cancellations accross all Europe. Areas worst affected are North of England, Netherlands and Belgium. But also countries like Germany or Switzerland, basically everyone is affected. I strongly recommend you to check the status of your flight before travelling to the airport.

It seems like trains are operating quite well!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The first low cost in Tanzania

Be aware of this new African low cost, from the founder of EasyJet, pretends to expand through the continenat and even fly trasatlantic.


Fastjet for the moment only flies from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to two destinations: Kilimanjaro y Mwanza. We can see the Kilimanjaro route being a big success among adventure lovers.

Will Fastjet allow us to travel in Africa as much as EasyJet allow us in Europe?