Friday, 7 December 2012

Most KLM flights cancelled today

Most of KLM flights have been cancelled today.

Cancelled flights for 7 December

Most of our European flights are cancelled, please check the list of cancelled flights(PDF, 29KB) for today. 
All Intercontinental flights from Amsterdam will depart as scheduled. Please take a de-icing delay into account. If you travel to Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and Paris you will be offered to travel by groundtransportion.  

Please check the status of the flight before travelling to the airport. They give some guidelines in their website, but please be aware if you are holding a ticket for tomorrow and your flight for today was cancelled and these two flights are in two different tickets, they won´t help you with the flight for tomorrow. I just had an argument with them about this. I can´t believe it!

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