Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Panorama: Angel Falls- Venezuela

'This is probably one of the most spectacular places in the world. What it is, for sure is the highest fall in the world

I have had Venezuela in my bucket list as Papa Ritz was born there. Funnily enough, his uncle did have an hotel. It did not was enough to have a whole chain, but at list is something.

Don't you really want to go?

Please press Read more to see the interactive video. It is not in the main page because there is audio and it's really annoying, For me too! You can silence it once you are on it. Do not miss it, because it is worth it.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Cubana Restaurant- London (UK)

There are a few Cuban places in London, but relating to proper Cuban food, this is the first time I find it freshly made. In previous ocassions I have been really disappointed with supposed "Cubans" that offer nachos and even Padron peppers. Yes, you can't fool me with Cuban Padrón peppers, they are from where I was born in Spain. But this restaurant is different. Only looking at the facade, you realise you can expect some Cuban atmosphere.

Once inside, everything remembers to Cuba: the flags, the communist propaganda, Ché, the mojitos, the loud music and that spark that only Cubans have. Because here, most of the staff is Cuban. Let's say this is a proper Cuban.

I have been twice already and the place was completely full. It's not easy as there are loads of space and the tables are spread in several rooms, allowing you the perfect intimacy a birthday celebration among your friends require.

ropa vieja
Having eaten both times I must recommend you ropa vieja, that was extraordinary. Also the vegetarian platter, croquettes and prawns were pretty good.
I am not discovering anything new saying the menu is not really choiceful, there's not a lot either to choose from in paladares and restaurants in Cuba, but I am sure you can find something you like.

vegetarian platter
Cons? They will need an extra hand serving. They are too busy for the staff they have and a bit of organization.

coated prawns
Plus, this place is perfect to have a few drinks! They have a good choice of cocktails that are freshly made while you wait. There is alittle problem: there is not enough space for this during diner and lunch times. Although as I said, the place is quite big, the tables are all reserved for people that are actually eating, so only the bar remains for the rest. And it is also at the entrance, where people is passing by all the time. Did I say already that this place is always F-U-L-L?

They also offer the posibility of reserving one of their areas for birthdays, parties, etc...

Tip: book in advance, it's always full.

Category: Cuban
Waitress: 7
Toilets: 8
Decoration: 9
Price: 7
Location: 8
Comodity: 6
Variety of the menu: 6
Valuation of the food: 8
Valuation of the service: 5
Visited: January 2013

8 Lower Marsh
Londres SE1 7RG
Tel: 00 44 (0) 20 7928 8778


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Picture of the week

Ponte do Porco- A Coruña (Spain)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Looks like Messi and Kobe fly Turkish

Maybe I am a bit late, but I have just seen this ad featuring Kobe and Messi and I am stunned.

The truth is that it's really original and Turkish is a reliable company that people tends to avoid. Yes, it has been for the second year in a row Europe's best airline for Skytrax.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Panoramas from the air

A few days ago I discovered this wonderful website that allows you to see some parts of the world like if you were right there.

In this occasion I went to New York (like if I was visiting) and I started clicking in all the arrows and move up and down, right to left... until I got sick with so much movement.

Manhattan after storm

Is it not cool being able to see New York like this? Central Park, Manhattan, Fifth Avenue... I leave you exploring a bit, I am enjoying myself.

Please press Read more to see the interactive video. It is not in the main page because there is audio and it's really annoying, For me too! You can silence it once you are on it. Do not miss it, because it is worth it.

Strike at Dusseldorf and Koln airports

Secret security staff strike at Dusseldorf and Koln airports. Passengers facing long queues and missing planes. Will last until tomorrow Friday.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eurostar cancellations 24 Jan 13

Eurostar is cancelling some trains tomorrow:

Service update – Thursday 24 January

Due to the icy weather conditions, speed restrictions remain in place. Overall journey times are improving but necessary safety precautions have led to the following cancellations tomorrow:

9117 – Brussels Midi 08.52 > London St Pancras 09:57
9136 – London St Pancras 14.04 > Brussels Midi 17:05

9117 from Brussels
> Passengers travelling from Brussels will travel on the later service 9125 - Brussels Midi 10:56 > London St Pancras 11:57.
> If travellers prefer to travel on the earlier 9113 train (07.56), please contact us to process the exchange (subject to availability).

9117 from Calais
> Passengers travelling from Calais are invited to postpone their journey to a later date.
> Alternatively if passengers want to travel from Lille on the later service 9125 - Lille Europe 11:35 > London St Pancras 11:57, please advise them to contact a member of staff in Lille, who will issue them with a new ticket. We are happy to reimburse any reasonable expenses incurred for their journey to Lille.

> Passengers with ticket for the 9136 train will travel on the later train 9140 – London St Pancras 15:04 > Brussels Midi 18:05
> If travellers prefer to travel on the earlier 9132 train (12:58), please contact us to process the exchange (subject to availability).

Passengers with tickets for these trains can also exchange them, within 60 days, for any available date within our booking horizon, regardless of ticket type. Please contact us to process the exchange.
Alternatively, if passengers don't want to exchange their tickets, they can ask for a refund within 60 days.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Central Park- New York (USA)

You don't need to spend a lot of time on the park to realise why Newyorkers love their park. In a city full of skyscrapers, neons, long avenues, cars, taxis, noise, concrete and more concrete, having the luck of a green cosy and quiet area like Central Park, is a luxury.

When I say quiet I don't mean it's empty or boring. It's just the opposite. There are so many possible activities for kids, grown ups or pets... you won't get bored.

Unfortunately, I could not see the whole part, only a tenth part as I was travelling with people that have already been there and our agenda was quite strict. To be honest, I thought I would have time to go the following day again, but it was not possible. 48 hours are not enough. What a pity, I will have to come to New York again :)!

The park was finalished in 1873, following the idea of the big European parks like Hyde Park in London or Bois de Boulogne in Paris, to provide Newyorkers with an open air and natural space, away from the noise and the concrete. Although this is not the biggest park in the States (843 acres), is the most visited, 25 million people each year, above The Grand Canyon.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Aerosvit has gone bust

The airline of Aerosvit Airlines has just gone bust and their IATA and BSP has been suspended. Their website is still selling tickets!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Planning to visit Vegas? What a stupid question, who isn't? Most of the people would say they don't find it appealing, but just because they do not want to admit that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

So if you are one of this people that does not mind admitting that would L-O-V-E to go (or even if you do not want to admit it: no one is looking at you) this is your website.


The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has launched LasVegas.com, the first website that allows you book from flights to shows and hotels to tours. They have a 24 customer service to meet the request of the over 38 million people that visit the city every year.

And if you are a travel agent or meeting planner, they also have a special section for you.

Picture of the week

Balcony Obernai (France)

Central Park (New York) maps