Sunday, 10 February 2013

Beachy Head- Eastbourne (UK)

There is something about the English's countryside that moves me. Maybe it's the fact that it remembers me to Galicia with the green and damp fields, full of trees, harvest and cows. The climate also helps, of course. So when I proposed my boyfriend doing a weekend trip and he said it was ok, but I had to drive, I did not mind at all. I love driving and I even love it more if there is countryside.

One of our stops were the imponent cliffs of what I have read and seen wonders: Beachy Head.

Surrounded of green pastures full of grazing white sheeps that look at humans with curiosity, this cape is an amazing white giant that surges from the sea. Not less than 162 metres at some points, turning it into the highest chalk cliff in UK.

I haven't been able to find the total lenght of this beauty, it must be around the 3.5 kms of the walk along the coast for the adventurous ones. But you only have to look at this picture in Wikipedia to realise how this giant shines from the coast.

This cape is so popular that you often see whole families walking at an incomparable spot or thrill seekers enjoying a relax day.
Although it was formed between 65-100 million years ago, the erosion with the waves, wind and rain, make some rock to fall from time to time. So be careful and do not get too close to the border!

It also has the doubtful honour of being the world's third most popular spot for suicides :(

A few things I have learnt from being in Beachy Head. One of them is that I shouldn't get too excited of going to see cliffs anymore. It's unuseful if I do not get 10 metres closer to the precipice. I was a teenager obsessed with doing bungee jumping. I was clearly insane. The older I get the more terrified I am of heights.

Another thing I have learnt is you shouldn't go to dangerous places when it is cold and windy. I barely felt my hands.
There was so much wind that all the trees' hairdos were to the same side. We are in February and they do not even have leaves. It should give you to think about. If there is wind, do not go to a cliff.

Don't forget to bring cash if you go by car. One of the wonders of England is that you can't go anywhere without paying and displaying. Yes, even here. 


South Downs, 
Eastbourne, BN20 7AY 

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