Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bodiam Castle- UK


1385, not less. This XIV beautiful castle is one of the best hidden secrets of England. It is even quite far from any population and it's surrounded by fields. And water as well :)  

The setting makes it magic. Green pastures there, clouds and rays of sunlight here and a moat that reflects ones and the others while a lot of ducks swim in their waters waiting for a human to feed them some bread. It looks like taken out of a fantastic story and it really makes you forget about the city's stress.


This places are good to make you exercise your imagination. Not only you spot the walls, you are already thinking about knight in their horses and lances, women dressed in period clothes with their blushed cheeks and how they did spend their time without internet and smartphones. 


I even imagined myself in that time, parties at the castle every week. The truth is that everyone that has visited the castle describes it as a fairy tale. From outside it looks like it's wholly build and from inside the owner will come to receive you with his servants and all their grace. 


But it's a bit demolished inside. Even though this is one of the best preserved castles I have ever seen, in fact the corner towers have been rebuilt and you can even go to the top like the owners did in their time.


Studies show that in fact, the castle that was built to prevent an attack from the French during the Hundred Years' War, it's all a facade. Yes, it was designed with care and having in consideration the daily needs of the people living in it, but in case of attack, his defence was almost nil. 


The moat is a great ally, but the exterior walls are quite weak and think, specially considering in that period they already had canyons. It does not even a keep, so typical in that age.

They had not less than 28 toilets inside the castle. All the rooms were en-suite, even the ones for guests. And they had quite a few!
They also had chapel, kitchen, service rooms, stables, well, pantry, buttery and a great hall for parties; all in three floors.

It was all luxury designed!

While the castle is totally accesible, but the intrincate spiral stairs are not for everyone. But if you do not mind not going to the top and see the views, from the basement you can see almots everything without trouble.

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