Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Countries where you can't kiss your partner in public... if you are gay (or not)

Whenever we travel, we need to consider many aspects apart from the appealing of the destination or its beautiful beaches. We should also consider the culture we are travelling to and try not to be offensive. But in the cases of gay people, this is even worse. It is not a fact of how other people see their relationship, (sadly, if you let me tell you) is that they can put themselves into trouble and end in jail the same as if you were a drug dealer or killed someone. Unbelievable we are in 2013, uh?

I have found this useful list in Metro today and I think it is worth sharing it. Places you won't be really welcomed if you express your love for your partner in public. And I must warn you: in some of these places you have to behave if you are an heterosexual couple too!

Below are just a few nations that have laws that severely punish anyone engaging in same-sex activity:
Antigua and Barbuda: 15 years in jail
Barbados: Life in prison
Dominica: Ten years or sectioning
Grenada: Ten years for men
Guyana: Life in prison
Jamaica: Ten years’ hard labour for men
Kenya: 14 years
Malaysia: 20 years
Mauritius: Five years
Morocco: Three years
Saint Kitts and Nevis: Ten years for men
St Lucia: Ten years for men
Vincent and the Grenadines: Ten years
Seychelles: 14 years
Solomon Islands: 14 years
Singapore: Two years
Trinidad and Tobago: 25 years
Tunisia: Three years
United Arab Emirates: Deportation or death penalty in extreme cases

 I am pretty sure there are a few more, feel free to add them in the comments.

So if you are travelling to any of these destinations, remember what you can and you can't do for having lovely memories of your trip.

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