Sunday, 24 February 2013

11 reasons to visit Galicia

Probably one the least known parts of Spain, Galicia (where I come from) in the northwest, has a lot to offer. From its food to its climate, apart from its natural beauty, I give you 11 GOOD reasons why you should visit us.
  • Countryside. Have you been in Ireland or England? We have greener pastures, amazing rivers with fjords, and stone built houses, churches and castles. The forests are everywhere and a weekend in one of our rural houses combined with the  rest of the reasons in this list, will take all the stress away.

  • Weather: not as hot as the South of Spain, Galicia is the perfect place to be in summer and spring. Winters and autumms bring a bit of rain and temperatures over 10º C.
  • Coast: stunning landscapes and beaches to die for, in fact As Catedrais in Lugo, has been ranked 6 of the top ten beaches in the world by Tripadvisor. We were once considered the end of the world, for Romans there was nothing further away from Fisterra (end of the world). The sea is always breathtaking in Galicia, with over 1600 Kms of coast you will never get bored.

  • Cultural heritage. Our past is full of Roman and Celtic roots with many old sites across our cities and villages.

  • People: we are riquiños, that's the Galician way of saying we are charming and lovely. We might not be really good at languages, but that doesn't mean we are not really welcoming and warm. Our grandmas will feed you until you can't eat anything else in your whole life :)
  • Wines: we have some of the best wines in Spain and well-known worldwide.
  • Prices: Galicia is still an affordable destination with good quality for money and one of the cheapest in the whole country.

  • Seafood and fishGalicia is well know for his seafood. We eat everything from lobsters and prawns to clams and percebes (or barnacles in English, the black weird things in the middle of the picture). Percebes are also considered the most expensive seafood in the world. We are also really proud of our fish, Japaneses say there is only one place where the fish is as good as in Japan. That place is Galicia.
  • Meat and vegetables: yes, I split the food category into two on purpose. We have such an amazing quality food, that we are the envy of the whole world. If our seafood and fish are good, meat and vegetables are as good and fresh. We even have our beef quality certified.
  • Cities: our cities are full of life, not too big, not too small, all have a lot to offer: ancient buildings, modern architecture, nice restaurants, busy nights and loads of shops. Zara started here.

  • St. James' Way: This is one of the main reasons why people visit us. It does not matter if you are religious or not, the experience is unforgettable and that is how people fall in love with us!

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