Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Coruña, a place to look forward to

Probably you have never heard of it. Or maybe yes, and you would give me a wonderful surprise :) but my city is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, one of the most beautiful places in the world. A Coruña is one of these places you have to visit and feel amazed by. I gave you already some tips of why you should visit Galicia and Coruña is one of its biggest cities. I just hope this video opens your eyes and you decide to visit my hometown.
Enjoy the video:

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Trinidad, a colorful pearl in the Caribbean

Thinking about going to Cuba? You can't miss Trinidad, because it is one of these places that you will remember your whole life with a smile. Its colourful houses and cobblestone streets will make you fall in love and will allow you to spend your holidays in a unique environment not easy to find nowadays. Yes, Havana has colourful houses too, but it is not the same, believe me. So make your way to the central part of the island to see this jewel.

The city was founded in 1514 by a Basque (he even went on to be the governor of the island) under the name of Villa de la Santísima Trinidad. The best is that Trinidad remains almost untouched since his creation. So much so that in 1988 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites' list for being one of the best kept colonial cities.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Planning the trip to Hawaii

Ok, so there it is, in around one month I will get married :) And a few weeks later, I will be travelling to Las Vegas, Hawaii and Los Angeles. I can't deny I am really excited.

Hawaii, there we go!
And the truth is that I still haven't planned the whole trip, as usual. But everything will go fine!

I have created a folder in Google Docs, where I am keeping all the information. I always save all the info I am finding and doing a to do list and in destinations like this, things I wan to do. One of them is swimming with turtles. The good thing about using Google Docs is that I can add information from work, the tube, while on a walk or from home. That is like a personal mini-guide.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Niʻihau: The Forbidden Isle

Niihau is one of the 7 main islands in Hawaii with 184 square kilometres. It is inhabited, but funny enough, it is privately owned and that is the reason why it is called The Forbidden Isle. Up to not long ago, it was only allowed to visit by relatives or guests of its 160 residents.

Nowadays you can access the island if you want to pay for an helicopter tour at 385$. It is also allowed for all those who want to go hunting. But, are we going to visit a tiny island to kill a few sheeps that pace quietly? I hope you do not do it!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Strike in Germany 21 March 2013

Due to strike, Lufthansa is cancelling most of their shorthaul flights tomorrow. You can see the list here. Passengers are allowed to rebook or cancel free of charge.
Longhaul destinations are not expect to be affected.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Markets: Marrakech (Morocco)

Marrakech postcards. I am obsessed with markets, food stands and shops. I loved Marrakesh's ones!

some coconut, pineapple?
Coca-Cola everywhere

our dinner was full of seafood, meat and vegetables

Photos: Raquel Ritz ©

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Food in Spain: the definitive guide to not get lost ordering

People has some clear ideas about Spain. We cook everything with chorizo and tapas are the same you can find outside Spain, are the more common topics. Both of them are not true. We like chorizo, but not that much and tapas are not the typical tapas you know. Confused? I want to help you choosing your lunch. Take a look :)

  • TAPAS: is usually a small portion of food. But the quantity is not the same (as well as the price) in all parts of Spain. In the North and South we like everything big, that is why our tapas are cheaper and in comparison just as big as the ones in the rest of Spain.
Tapa in the North
Barcelona tapas
Tapas as you know them
Can you spot the difference? Yeah, I know all of them are in the same plate, but do no look at that. Tapas, as Spaniards know them, are small and for one. Whereas the ones on the bottom are for sharing. These last ones are the ones you know. Not clear? Take a look to the price. Tapas for one range from 80 cents (yes, they DO exist!) to 2€; tapas to share are over 3€. In Catalonia you can find these type of tapas.

  • PINCHOS (or pintxos): they are smaller than the tapas and are supposed to last one or two bites. Definitive hint: they come on bread or with a toothpick.

  • RACION: This is how we like to share. Ración are a big portion of food for two or more. We usually order several raciones when we go out with friends. I recommend you do the same to try several delicacies. 

There are places where the raciones are so big that we order half ración. But I think you can get an idea.

With these tips you should be the master of Spanish food and do not have any problems ordering. And I am sure you willl get the best taste of Spain.

Photos: Google, I promise to get original ones.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Castle Combe the idyllic English village

A little, tiny village says they are the prettiest in England and I decided it was to time see it that was true. Because it's not like there are no nice villages in UK, no.

Modern against old? How long is going to take for phone boxes to disappear? 
It is quite difficult to find, I was driving while my boyfriend told me the sat nav was saying we were there and I had to slam on the brakes to not miss it.  Yes, it is so tiny that only around 350 people live there.

Castle Combe is not more than three streets, a few housed, a  church, a couple of pubs and hotels and an bridge over a river. Is that all? Well, yes, but everything in this place is so old and so well preserved that you really have to pay a visit. 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

When should you be buying your ticket?

I have found this today and I can subscribe almost up to 80%. I do not agree too much that prices can rise up to three times per day. I guess they mean low cost carriers do!

Anyway, I think this gives you a clear idea of when buying your flight tickets. Yep, last minute offers barely exist!!!

Via Angieslist