Thursday, 7 March 2013

Castle Combe the idyllic English village

A little, tiny village says they are the prettiest in England and I decided it was to time see it that was true. Because it's not like there are no nice villages in UK, no.

Modern against old? How long is going to take for phone boxes to disappear? 
It is quite difficult to find, I was driving while my boyfriend told me the sat nav was saying we were there and I had to slam on the brakes to not miss it.  Yes, it is so tiny that only around 350 people live there.

Castle Combe is not more than three streets, a few housed, a  church, a couple of pubs and hotels and an bridge over a river. Is that all? Well, yes, but everything in this place is so old and so well preserved that you really have to pay a visit. 

The little market cross that you see in the picture was built in the 14th century when the village was granted a weekly market. People used to come and trade butter, milk and eggs that were placed carefully in the centre. In front of it there is a buttercross that was used for tethering and mounting horses.

The church in the middle of the village is from at least, 13th century when it was first referred to in a text. It is funny to see how big it looks today thinking in how many people lives there!

The church also houses a clock that dates from the medieval period and it is one of the only ones that are still working. 

Little river Bybrook crosses the village and that is precisely the prettiest part of the place, with all the tiny stone cottages surrounding it. .

The village has remained untouched from 15th century and  you won't even see any sign of modernity in the exterior: no aerials or anything similar. It really looks like the time has no passed through this place.

Being such a nice village, it is not surprising that many films have been shot there like 'War Horse' from Spielberg, 'Stardust' or 'Dr Dolittle'. 

Castle Combe
Wiltshire, SN14
United Kingdom

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