Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Food in Spain: the definitive guide to not get lost ordering

People has some clear ideas about Spain. We cook everything with chorizo and tapas are the same you can find outside Spain, are the more common topics. Both of them are not true. We like chorizo, but not that much and tapas are not the typical tapas you know. Confused? I want to help you choosing your lunch. Take a look :)

  • TAPAS: is usually a small portion of food. But the quantity is not the same (as well as the price) in all parts of Spain. In the North and South we like everything big, that is why our tapas are cheaper and in comparison just as big as the ones in the rest of Spain.
Tapa in the North
Barcelona tapas
Tapas as you know them
Can you spot the difference? Yeah, I know all of them are in the same plate, but do no look at that. Tapas, as Spaniards know them, are small and for one. Whereas the ones on the bottom are for sharing. These last ones are the ones you know. Not clear? Take a look to the price. Tapas for one range from 80 cents (yes, they DO exist!) to 2€; tapas to share are over 3€. In Catalonia you can find these type of tapas.

  • PINCHOS (or pintxos): they are smaller than the tapas and are supposed to last one or two bites. Definitive hint: they come on bread or with a toothpick.

  • RACION: This is how we like to share. Ración are a big portion of food for two or more. We usually order several raciones when we go out with friends. I recommend you do the same to try several delicacies. 

There are places where the raciones are so big that we order half ración. But I think you can get an idea.

With these tips you should be the master of Spanish food and do not have any problems ordering. And I am sure you willl get the best taste of Spain.

Photos: Google, I promise to get original ones.

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