Sunday, 24 March 2013

Niʻihau: The Forbidden Isle

Niihau is one of the 7 main islands in Hawaii with 184 square kilometres. It is inhabited, but funny enough, it is privately owned and that is the reason why it is called The Forbidden Isle. Up to not long ago, it was only allowed to visit by relatives or guests of its 160 residents.

Nowadays you can access the island if you want to pay for an helicopter tour at 385$. It is also allowed for all those who want to go hunting. But, are we going to visit a tiny island to kill a few sheeps that pace quietly? I hope you do not do it!

Most of its inhabitants live in the main settlement, Puʻuwai,  living on fishing and farming and they lead a rural, technology free life. This is the only island of all where the official language is Hawaiian and keeps the tradition and culture as the island's purchase conditions stated. There is no running water and the power comes from solar panels. There is also no stores or hotels or any other transport than horses and bicycles.

It is a shame (as the same time as understandable) that  you can´t visit the population and see how their inhabitants live. That would be amazing.

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