Thursday, 25 April 2013

Heard in a travel agency: chapter one

Last week we received one of the.... erm.... weirdest petitions ever. We are used to being requested strange seats requests, but never like this. A passenger was flying from Europe to Asia. In economy, to be more precise and his PA sent us the following email:  

Please mind the following seat requirements: 
"Please, book my seat. The aircraft is A340-600, but there are two different types, depending on the type, please book according to the following preferences: 
When the aircraft is A340-600 (8F/60C/238M) (Airbus) then, please book the following: 
Priority 1: 38G
Priority 2: 40D
Priority 3: 41C or 58D or 58G
Priority: 58C or 41H or 58H
Being A340-600 (8F/56C/229M) please book one of the following :
Priority 1: 37G
Priority 2: 40D
Priority 3: 40C or 57D or 57G
Priority 4: 58C or 40H or 58H "

We were astonished. What would have happened if neither of the seats is available. Would he refuse tor travel?

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