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Majorelle Garden: a colorful oasis in Marrakesh

It could be for the minth tea, the African heath of the city, the little oasis in the middle of the desert or the accumulated tiredness. But the truth is that we loved Majorelle Garden. I must confess I love vivid colours and weird combinations, so I loved this. We were coming from Menara that we did not particularly like and we recover from the disappointment with this joy.
I was a bit sceptical about this visit, I did not care too much about this being owned by Yves Saint Laurent (alive at the time), I thought this would be the typical place for tourists. But I was wrong, I discovered this little garden, so pretty, full of colours and pacifying.

The garden takes its name from his creator, Jacques Majorelle, a french paint son of artists that travelled around the world and fell in love of all Arabic and oriental. Until he discovered Marrakech, that became a really important part of his life. He even went on to be ambassador of the city and painted posters for its promotion. He later discovered the Black Africa that he translated into paintings.
But he always came back to the city, until 1924, when he started to build this property. The main residence was done exactly as the palaces in Marrakech: simplicity in design, water fountains and exuberant lush. For years he kept collecting plants brought from everywhere in the world, to form his own botanical garden.

It is open to public from 1947, although it was not until 1980 when Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé bought it to restore it, as it was a bit deteriorated since his creator's death in 1962. Nowadays it also contains the Museum of Islamic Art.
The most interesting part of the garden are the cactus (which I love) as well as the lily pond decorated with colourful and inhabited by goldfishes, turtles and toads. It is really funny being looking at the pond and seeing a swimming turtle peeking from the bottom or a toad croaking in the corner. All really green, colourful and very bright. But over all, really quiet and relaxing. The perfect place to relax from busy Marrakech and a have a little rest relaxing in the cold provided by the shadow of the trees.

Do not expect a massive garden, it is just the opposite a tiny garding, but it is worth a visit. The price of the ticket when we went 7 years ago was around 10-20 dirhams.

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