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Victoria Peak, see Hong Kong from a different perspective

Kowloon's bay
Victoria Peak or The Peak is a really interesting place to see Hong Kong from, it raises 552 metres, being the tallest peak in Hong Kong Island. Whether you decide to grab a cab, the tram or the local bus, the views from the road are spectacular and the vegetation extensive. It is funny to see among all that crystal and endless skyscrapers Hong Kongers have kept such a green place that remembers to a tropical garden (because the climate in Hong Kong is wonderful and extra warm). One of the reasons why this has remained untouched is, without a doubt, because building must be really difficult in highlands. I have not doubt that having being easy, the population would have already tried .

The peak itself has nothing more and nothing less that stunning views of all the city (what your sight and a clear sky can reach in such huge city) and specially of Kowloon's Bay. You can also see the West Lamma Channel and Victoria Harbour

Not such an amazing view without sun and clear sky
The view from the back side allows a glimpse of all the surrounding islands in the bay (many of them inhabited) and the Pok Fu Lam reservoir, created in the middle XIX century to provide water for the ever growing population of the city. It was I shame when I was there it was cloudy and I could not appreciate  how amazing it must look on a clear and sunny day.  

That's Victoria Harbour
The complex of the peak houses several shops, restaurants, ice cream parlours and fast food chains spread among several floors. Lots of citizens visit it since the area has been one of the more exclusives of Hong Kong (it was the cooler part of the city and many rich men turned the island into their home). It also includes a restaurant where you can enjoy the best views of the city.
Entrance is free of charge, but that does not mean you can go to the top. In that case you will have to pay 40 HK$ per adult or 20 for under age 12 or senior.

Why not taking your birds for a trip to the peak?
Should you go? Yes, of course! The view of all the sky scrapers from the top and you will see Kowloon's peninsula from other perspective. If you don't go like me for 24 hours, make sure you go on a clear sky to see all the beauty of this pretty city. It is said that sunsets are incredible and at night, when the city is lit, must be priceless.

Opening hours:
10 to 23 h. (Monday to Fridays) 
8 to 23 h. (Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays)

126 Peak Road
Hong KongChina
Tel : (852) 2849 0668

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