Friday, 19 April 2013

Why do airlines want my phone number?

We could also say: why do travel agencies want my phone number?

Passengers always complain and they do not want to provide us with their number. Not, really, we are not calling you to offer extra services. I have ever heard of a travel agency that stalks its clients by phone. And we really are not going to sell it to anyone.

The only reason why we need your number is for EMERGENCIES. If your flight is cancelled or there is a storm that has shut down airports, it is better that you hear it from us before heading there. I still remember one lady that told me off because no one called her to let her know her flight 07:10 was cancelled. She had to wake up early and drive for one hour and a half to get there on time and now she had to come back home. When I looked at her booking I saw that there was not contact number at all and I could see how the airline and us had sent her several emails the day before. Of course when I told her that , she was a bit shocked.

Really, I can not stress this enough: always, always, give a contact number where we can find you at any time.

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