About me

Spaniard, 33 years old, have been travelling for 14 years and working as a travel agent for the past 9. I love dogs, travel, planes, food, hotels and life in general.
I am a bit of a posh traveller. I barely sleep in hostels as my work allows me to get some discounts at hotels. I love all types of destinations and I share some of my work/experience tips with all of you.
I would love to do this for a living, would you follow me and help me?

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  1. Hola

    This is Be Hostels from Barcelona, writing you with an invitation! We had a look to your travel blog and we like it a lot! If you are planning to come to our beautiful city Barcelona (Spain), we want to invite to sleep for free at Be Hostels.

    Our proposal is that you include your opinion about our Hostels in the article you write about Barcelona!

    What do you think about the idea?

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Keep traveling, Keep smiling! :-)

    Be Hostels Marketing Manager
    Valia Farre


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